Sunday, November 25, 2012

RSA 3 On-Line Learning

The You- Tube video attached is a short commentary made by experts in the on-line teaching world. The participants in the video all agree that on-line is the future and has many benefits. According to the video, on-line learning is a way to reach many different types of learners (On-Line learning, 2012). According to Palloff and Pratt it may happen that a student that does not participate or is introverted will be more successful on-line, they describe the learner that is successful on-line as a "noisy learner" a student that is "active and creative in the learning process".  Palloff and Pratt feel that on-line learning brings out the “noisy learner” in a student who would not be as active in a traditional classroom (Pratt, 2007).

The video states that expert teachers feel they can reach more students and enrich their curriculum by using on-line teaching.  One example was a school that did not offer any AP or honors classes were able to extend that type of curriculum to its higher level students via on-line resources (On-Line learning, 2012).  As a resource to use in schools in addition to traditional curriculum I think that on-line learning definitely has its place.  I’m concerned that students will lose that personal touch they get from the traditional classroom if there is not a balance.  Kids need to be efficient with technology that is a fact.  Using it to for learning is certainly one way to help facilitate that.  However, they are still kids; so as an educator, I feel it has its place but we need to make sure that we don’t lose sight of the social- emotional impact that teacher- student and student – student relationships have.  As far as adults go, there are many of the same issues, but I feel in the professional world it certainly is an important tool that is detrimental to being a successful life -long learner. 


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  1. Interesting video. One of the classes I "teach" is an online class. I have approximately 10 students who come to my classroom every day and work on anything from freshman English to Art Appreciation to Earth Science. Some of the students are taking the same class, but none of them is at the same place in the curriculum as anyone else. They move at their own pace and ability and need. One student was able to finish three full-year classes in nine weeks, primarily because she worked at home. Another student will be lucky if he finishes his semester class within this semester. Behavior is, for the most part, better than in a traditional classroom.